When you watch love in motion… You can’t help but feel vulnerable, knowing they have no idea when there are tears😪😪👀


Opinion │Elderly Beauty

Good Afternoon!

It has been approximately…
2,016  HOURS…
120,960 MINUTES…
AND 7, 257, 600 SECONDS

since I have sent my MailChimp/WordPress/Facebook Subscribers an email…
and I have missed you all 7, 257, 600 seconds of it. 

(NOTE: This is obvious, of course, because I would not have done this much math for people I had not missed.)

And do not have to tell me, I already know:

You may wonder why I have not posted in nearly three (3) months. 
— No, it was not because of TV. 

(NOTE: By the way, I have begun a new television show: Supernatural. It is not funnier than The Office, but nevertheless binge – worthy. You all can expect an update on my TV Show next week — Yeah, I know you missed those, too.) 😉

I have had to balance a lot of tasks for the past three (3) months, and unfortunately, I never found the time to post. CNA Classes;CNA Final Exam; School;HSADCC Office Manager Tasks; and A LITTLE TV, of course. (I would not be a part of Generation Z if I did not.)Anyway, I have decided to return because…
FIRSTLY, I missed you all.
SECONDLY, my mother would not stop bugging me about posting. 😂
(I need to put that emoji there; I do not want a belt to be waiting for me after I publish this.)
And you know, it is never a BAD thing to make MONEY. 🤑

Usually, I would not care about making money, but I ripped a pair of Camouflage jeans my sister bought me, and I desperately need a new pair.

Ladies, I believe you understand where I am coming from.

This introduction has gone on long enough, I suppose, and if you have not already skipped to the main idea of this message, you are about two (2) seconds from doing so. 

Since I have been gone so long, I have decided to change my style up a bit; meaning, no “The Top 10 Reasons You Should…” this week. 

Below you will find an opinion piece on:
Annalaen J. Walls
Opinion│Elderly Beauty
Charting: A Brief History of Anti-Aging: Harper’s BAZAAR
        From 698 B.C.E. to 30 B.C.E., Cleopatra took daily baths in milk from a stable of seven – hundred (700) donkeys. The milk from which had alpha hydroxy acids that were strong exfoliants and skin softeners. In 150 A.D., Greek physician Galen developed the first cold cream, a combination of water, olive oil, and beeswax. The formula effectively loosened dirt, oil, and dead cells on the surface of the skin. From 1558 to 1603, Elizabethan women placed thin slices of raw meat on their faces to minimize wrinkles. From the beginning of time — QUITE LITERALLY — both women and men have been implementing skin treatments to reverse the aging process, to not only stop the clock, but return it — reverse it — to the very beginning of their time.

        Wanting to dye your hair black so you can hide your gray hairs is understandable. Implementing a skin care regimen to keep your skin looking young and tight is quite clever. Even going to far as to get Botox surgery to hide your winkles is normal in some cultures. What is NOT CLEVER, UNDERSTANDABLE, OR NORMAL is not realizing that those gray hairs of yours, that somewhat saggy skin, and that those laugh lines and wrinkles are not beautiful before you get rid of them.

WE LOST THAT THE ELDERLY ARE BEAUTIFUL, TOO. In our culture, anything “imperfect” is not beautiful. And for some reason, lines, winkles, and gray hairs are considered imperfections. The thought process, I suppose is, “If God didn’t put it here at the very beginning, then it was not meant to be there.” The truth is, we were meant to get old. Aging — getting old — is a blessing. It is perfect. It is BEAUTIFUL. 

As I sign off, tell your parents — both men and women (Yes, those grandpas be popping with their overalls and handkerchiefs) — to look at themselves in a new way.

Your laugh lines represent a life filled with chuckles, laughs — HAPPINESS.

Your wrinkles represent a long life, something that many do not get to experience.

Your gray hairs mean that you have gone through some TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS — DISAPPOINTMENTS — HEARTACHE, but your light still shines through. 

NOTE: Once again, I must mention: Dying your hair, buying the Greek physician Galen’s cold cream, and getting Botox surgery is not bad. Wearing earrings, putting on makeup, and strapping those wrinkly piggies in some heels is not a bad thing to do, either. Heckers, I might even do the same thing when I get old. 


Before you do that though, realize that every thing you are about to cover up is BEAUTIFUL. 

P.S. — If you have not already, go to Facebook to see just how beautiful the elderly are in Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center Fashion Show!

P.S. — I did not forget about the contest.

— MmmmHmmm. You thought I did, didn’t you? — 

But that is a matter for next Saturday. 🙂

I will see you all then! 
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StoryTine: How I Discovered HSADCC Patients Are Smarter Than Me!

I am going to begin this post by asking YOU ALL to PLAY A GAME!

Task #1: Pretend I am Alice of “Alice In Wonderland.”
Task #2: Pretend my Mother is The White Rabbit of “Alice In Wonderland.”
Task #3: Pretend the text is, “YOU ARE LATE!”

THAT was the nature of my and my mother’s discussion.

When my mother discovered that I had not posted on Sunday like I am supposed to, she insisted I post soon. No, she did not necessarily jump up and down with a clock in hand, screaming, “You’re late!” but she might as well have.

Yeah, I feel sorry for me, too.

I am just kidding. I love my mother…and her tendency to get onto me about posting late.
Best Yeah Not Really GIFs | Gfycat

I am late, but at least I gave you all a warning last week.

Despite that, however, I have a gift for you all:


How I Discovered HSADCC Patients…

…Are Smarter Than Me!

It is StoryTime…


Yep GIFs | Tenor

From Monday, July 20, 2020, TO July 24, 2020, there were FIVE (5) instances in which HSADCC Clients DEFINITELY POSSESS MORE KNOWLEDGE THAN MANY THINK. 

Note: Actually, there are more, but as Ms. Tabitha Brown states:

And no, I am not talking about WISDOM, although they have a colossal amount of it.

I am guilty of previously believing the elderly possessed more wisdom than academic knowledge.

For example, my father can lay down some quotes, like…

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.”

But I would never think to ask him how to find the Y – Determinant of a system because I did not think he would know how to solve for it.


Alphabet 𝓐 𝓑 𝓒…

Do not worry. I learned my alphabet in Kindergarten like I was supposed to.


Anyway, one day, Ms. Angelia Wright decided to play a game with the alphabet. The job of the clients was to give words that started with each letter of the alphabet. The letter was “E.” I said “Elephant” and one of the clients said, “Epitome.”
That Mean GIFs | Tenor


You would think I would be able to handle money since I love it so much, but your girl was struggling. One client was asked to make $1.45 from the money in Ms. Angelia Wright’s hand, and they did it with ease. When I was asked to make .28¢, we were there for five minutes!
Minutes GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


I asked a client, “What is eight (8) times four (4). The client said the correct answer, “32.” I said, “Ooo. You’re close.” But then I realized…You’re right! I was thinking the answer was “40.”
The Neighborhood Cedric The Entertainer GIF - TheNeighborhood ...

The Changing of a Baby👶

Apparently, sixteen – year – olds are supposed to know how to put a diaper on a baby…


The patients were asked to change the diaper on a baby, and of course, they did it with ease. I was asked to simply fold a diaper, and I was struggling.


Last one, because I am done embarrassing myself. 🤣

A client was asked, “What is 13 – 5?” Instantly, they replied.
And guess what I looked like? Season 2 Counting GIF by Portlandia - Find & Share on GIPHY

Me: Dont Judge Mes GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

You All: RE: I am not talking about the damnation of his eternal soul. I'm ...

Takeaway: Some people have a tendency to think the elderly only have wisdom, not academic knowledge. WRONG!
Wrong GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

I hope this was fun to read!

See you all…SOMETIME next week.


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The Top 10 Reasons You Should Enter HSADCC’S SECOND Contest!



…Because NO ONE entered the FIRST. 

A — He! 😬
A-Haha! 😰
A – Heha! 😬

Media Director: A – Hehe – Nothing! 😠



I sincerely apologize for my inconsistency for the past few weeks.

My regular posting schedule SHOULD resume next week.

My conciliatory gift to you all, for last week, this week, and most likely, next week is…

The Top 10 Reasons

You Should Enter HSADCC’S

SECOND Contest!  

1. You Will Be On My Good Side! 👼

If you enter Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Contest, you would forever be on my GOOD SIDE. Now, that should be enough to convince you…😂, but I SUPPOSE I will go on.
Go On GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

2. You Can Keep Busy While In Quarantine! 😷
Boring GIFs | Tenor
Even though I created a post whose goal was to give you ten (10) activities you all should try during the coronavirus (COVID – 19) quarantine, many of you may still be at home…not doing much. If that person is you, Heaven Sent Adult Daycare’s Second Contest is perfect for you! For those of you who only feel complete when you are working to complete/accomplish a task or goal, Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest is for you, too! Lastly…ANYONE who is subscribed to HSADCC MailChimp, Facebook, WordPress, or Instagram…THE CONTEST IS PERFECT FOR YOU!

3. You Did Not Enter The First! 😭

I am not one prone to hold a grudge…

But, I was thinking that, since N̶O̶N̶E̶ ̶O̶F̶ ̶Y̶O̶U̶ none of you entered Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s First Contest, you all may want to redeem yourselves, and enter this one instead!
Season 20 20X4 GIF by South Park - Find & Share on GIPHY
These 5 Zodiac Signs Are Total Grudge Holders | YourTango
4. You Will Be Giving HSADCC More Exposure! 🌎
Around The World GIFs | Tenor

When someone qualifies to claim the prize of Heaven Sent Adult Daycare’s Second Contest, many people will want to subscribe to Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s MailChimp, Facebook, and WordPress so they will have the opportunity to win a prize, too! More subscribers means more people. More people mean more conversations. More conversations about Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center means that soon, the entire world will know about Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center!

5. This Is A Once In A…Few Months Opportunity! 🗓️
Calendar Flip 600 on Make a GIF

Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center will only host contest every two (2) – four (4) months. So, when the opportunity presents itself, it is best to grab it by the horns!

6. You Are Showing Love And Support For My Mother! 💗
I Just Adore You GIFs | Tenor
Most, if not all, of you have probably met my mother. And of course, you fell in love with her personality, her light, and her vision for what healthcare CAN BE. If that is so, by entering Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest, you are showing love and support for all three.

“Actions speak louder than words.”

– Honestly, so many people have said this, I have no idea who said it originally.

7. You Are Showing Love And Support For HSADCC! 😍
I Just Love You GIFs | Tenor
Most, if not all, of you have probably met my mother. And of course, you fell in love with her personality, her light, and her vision for what healthcare CAN BE. If that is so, by entering Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest, you are showing love and support for not only my mother…
I mean… Ms. Lynn D. Walls, but also for the unique business she has built FROM SCRATCH, BY HERSELF.

8. You Will Have Future Opportunities To Collaborate With HSADCC! 👫
Work Together GIFs | Tenor

Most likely, if you enter Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest, you will be asked to collaborate with Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center whenever we do something for the community, For example, when Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center distributes Bags of Blessings (BOB) to the Homeless and the Elderly, you will be asked to help!

9. You May Win A $30 Starbucks’s Coffee Gift Card! 💳

Whoever enters Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest will have the chance to win a $30 Starbuck’s Coffee Gift Card!

10. What’s For Breakfast, Mommy?! Coffee! ☕
Starbucks Birthday Cake / Cake Batter Frappuccino | Starbucks ...

When three (3) people FINALLY DO DECIDE TO ENTER THE CONTEST, the person who wins the contest will have $30 to spend on whatever Starbuck’s coffees and/or pastries they choose! The coffees and pastries can then be shared with your husband or wife, and your children. Or, if you are a single Pringle like me, just YOURSELF!

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The Top 10 Reasons HSADCC 4th Of July… …Was More Fun Than Yours! 


I really wish I was a QUEEN.

I would be able to say, “A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.” when I ARRIVE AT WORK LATEARRIVE AT SCHOOL LATEWAKE UP LATE…or in this case, upload a social media post to MailChimp, Facebook, WordPress, and now INSTAGRAM…LATE. 

Yes, I am a Late Bug, and my mother can testify to that…

Even though I got it from HER!

However, today, I am going to pretend I am the Queen of AnnaLand and you all are my loyal subjects so I will not feel guilty for emailing you all three days late.

Or maybe four, but we shall not dwell on the past…

Anyway, my conciliatory gift to you…

The Top 10 Reasons

HSADCC 4th Of July

…Was More Fun Than Yours! 

I would give be able to give ONE OF YOU a $30 Gift Card to Starbuck’s Coffee…


Hmmm. I do not hear anyone complaining now…


1. HSADCC Staff Adorned The Dining Room In Independence Day Paraphernalia! 🎈

The Lead Paraprofessional of Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center (HSADCC) got FANCY! The Dining Room was adorned with two tablecloths, RED AND BLUE, Independence Day Napkins, and Independence Day Plates, and even those little shiny thingies you put on the tables. All that was missing was a couple of balloons  hanging from the ceiling, which, I know, is the emoji I used. But if I had used the emoji for tablecloths, then  you all would have thought we decorated the Dining Room with towels.  🤣


No, I am not talking about these.
Picky adult eaters: 'I can't be the only 'freak' out there' | The ...
Waiter: Here is your meal, sir. And your meal, Miss.
Customer #2: Yes, Thank –. Wait. There is nothing on my plate.
Customer #1: Yes, there is, Sweety. Look closer.
Customer #2: Ohhh! Won’t you lookie there…a shrimp, a piece of asparagus, and, urm…a RAW egg! Yum.
Waiter: Yes, ma’am. The egg is especially significant. It was plucked from our personal chickens.
Customer #2: Hmmm, I could have sworn I saw a truck deliver cartons of eggs to your restaurant earlier.

Waiter: Anyway, sir, your total will come to $175.63.
Customer #2: For WHAT?!

3. HSADCC Clients Ate Homemade Brownies! 💩

And HOMEMADE BROWNIES! Yes, BROWNIES, not A PILE OF POO. Look very closely at the brownie. Do you notice it has a bright smile on its face?

Now look at this emoji.  💩

Notice that the smile on this emoji is slightly dimmed. This is because it knows it smells like…you know what.

4. Oops..I Did It Again! 😳

My Mother knows as well I do…I tend to make many mistakes. Well, I made one Friday. I am not going to elaborate because I do not want to taint your perception of me, but let us just say… You wouldn’t give a woman who looks as if she barely eats a buffet, and give a man who seems as if he could eat all day a plate with a shrimp, a piece of asparagus, and an egg. And that is exactly what I did. Everything worked out in the end. I should have been thanked, though, if you ask me. I made the Clients laugh, which would have made me more happy if they had not done so at me. 🤣

5. HSADCC Staff Played Some Jams! 🎶

The Lead Paraprofessional of HSADCC connected the Music Machine to her phone and played some real, deep, old – timey music. Or…ALL OF THE MUSIC THAT YOU ALL KNOW SO WELL. 🤣

6. …And Then HSADCC Clients Got FONKAY! 🕺💃

Yes, HSADCC Clients know how to get crunk. One of the Client’s dancing was so infectious, I could not contain myself. I ended up dancing along beside him, doing the Hustle to the Cupid Shuffle song. DON’T JUDGE ME. 🤣

7. Then I Recorded Everyone Getting FONKAY! 🤳

After I finished getting a little FONKAY myself, I recorded everyone else. You will be able to view these on our Facebook Page: @heavensentadultdaycarecenter and our Instagram Page: heaven_sent_adc.

8. HSADCC Clients Shot Fireworks! 🎆

Hmmm. Maybe I overshot this one. We did not necessarily shoot fireworks, you know? We had to be safe. But, we did shoot the confetti firecrackers, which were just as fun!

9. HSADCC Clients Watched Def Comedy Jam 25! 🤣

After the celbration came to a close, HSADCC Clients watched Def Comedy Jam 25. And yes, I used the emoji accurately. That movie had everyone rolling on the floor!


10. Tick – Tock On The Clock, And The Party Went Stop! ⏲️⌛
To accomodate for Independce Day, all HSADCC Clients and Stafff were sent home early. Each Client left saying, “Thank You. That was nice.” And me, “Finally, it’s over!” 
🤣 No, I am just kidding. I had just as much fun as HSADCC Clients did.


You may still enter the second contest of Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center.

The DUE DATE is Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

You still have 13 DAYS left!

If you need to read the Criteria, Rules, and Guidelines, you may email me at nevaehhomehealthcare@gmail.com.

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Do You Want To Win Another Prize?  Click Here To Claim An Award …Every Adult Wants…And Needs!


I P̶R̶O̶B̶A̶B̶L̶Y̶ SHOULD HAVE changed the title of this MailChimp/Facebook/WordPress Post, given that I have used it before. But, since I am in love with the image below, I humbly ask that all of you pretend that you do not know that…


G̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶M̶o̶r̶n̶i̶n̶g̶!̶

G̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶A̶f̶t̶e̶r̶n̶o̶o̶n̶!̶

G̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶N̶I̶g̶h̶t̶!̶


Given that ONLY ONE PERSON decided to enter Heaven Sent Adult Daycare’s Center First Contest, which I hold no animosity toward you all for, I have decided to give you all another chance to win a prize.

YOUR OBJECTIVE in Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest is to recruit ten (10) or more MailChimp, Facebook, and WordPress Followers/Subscribers in the span of approximately one month.

Basically, you are doing my job…

The FIRST DAY you may enter Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest is Monday, June 22, 2020.

The LAST DAY you may enter Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest is Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

1. Email nevaehhomehealth@gmail.com.
2. In your email, include the following:

  • Your Name.
  • Your Email.
  • The Name(s) and Email Address(es) of the people YOU RECRUITED.
  • Which Social Media Outlet did your recruit subscribe to, or follow?

3. Ask ALL of the people YOU RECRUITED to send an email to nevaehhomehealth@gmail.com.
In their email, they should include the following:

  • Their Name.
  • Their Email.
  • The Name and Email Address of the person that recruited them.
  • Which Social Media Outlet they subscribed to, or followed.

The one, and only, rule of Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest is…


Nahhh, I am just kidding, I have just always wanted to say that.

To qualify to win THE PRIZE, you must earn at least ten (10) or more (10+) subscribers.

In other words, Annalaen Walls is not going to give you a $30 Starbucks Coffee Gift Card to a person who only earned one (1) to nine (9) subscribers.

Also, if only one person enters Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest, the prize will not be awarded to that one person. At least three (3) people must enter Heaven Sent Adult Daycare Center’s Second Contest for ANYONE to win the prize.

The Newsletter Link: http://www.eepurl.com/dcd9Vv.
The Facebook Page (HSADCC): @heavensentadultdaycare
The Facebook Page (NHC): @nevaehhomehealthcare
The Blog: http://www.asecretgift.wordpress.com

Good Luck!

I hope the results of this contest are better than that of the first! 😊

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